Friday, March 26, 2010

Starting Out

Helloooooo bloggers.
I'm not completely sure if I can guarantee that I'll use this simply for rambling about my life -- because really, who wants to read that? It'll probably be a melange of things, such as:

1.) Fashion things. Posting looks I've created or liked, that type of thing. I want to expand my fashion creativity, get feed back and such. I'd also like to perhaps find an invite to or at least apply...not going to lie.

2.) Maybe documenting my forays into weight loss. Maybe calorie counts, maybe thinspo...I know a lot of people don't like that, but it might get posted. I'm sorry in advance.

3.) Perhaps...just perhaps...posting some of my fiction writing. Note the "perhapses." I'm extremely shy of letting anyone see my essays for school, let alone my few fictitious works.

4.) Posting my photography. (The picture in the title's a clip of a shot I took) I love, love, love analogue photography and lomography; I own a Holga, a lomo Fisheye, a Nikon N2000, and an Argus C3 Colormatic. It's a fun hobby.

But, in short, I'm excited in some narcissistic way to start blogging. Hopefully I'll actually be able to keep it up.