Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm actually using this thing to drone about my life

The boyfriend and I's half-year anniversary was on the 10th. It was a lot of fun...we went to a park, then out to dinner, then we hung around his place. It was nice and simple. I had a good time.
I've been feeling kind of blah lately. Not sleeping well, my hair is a mess, I'm tired of school, I've been weirdly creatively drained and I need a scale. Poop. I'm never going to lose weight if I can't weigh myself everyday. Oh well. I'm getting some film developed today -- that should cheer me up.

But anyhoo, I made a list of things I wanna do before or during summer, following my dear friend Meghna :)

1. Get my tragus pierced or get an industrial piercing
2. Buy some good pastels and use them
3. Lose 10+ pounds
4. Make a cellophane mask for the Holga
5. Find a new band I like every week
6. Get a sketchbook and pencils
7. Get my hair cut
8. Get a tan
9. Buy a Minolta x700
10. Go to master classes
11. Take pilates/yogalates
12. Get stronger for better extension
13. Tie-dye stuff
14. Learn to cook Thai
15. Learn to develop my own film
16. Try making/modifying my own clothes
17. Read more Don Delillo
18. Drink more tea
19. Get a summer job
20. Get better arms
21. Buy more instant film
22. Get involved in theatre stuff outside of school
23. Try to learn to sing
24. Expand my dancing
25. Get a new phone

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